Caitlin Walker


Jesus replied, “You don’t understand now what I am doing, but someday you will.”

John 13:7

Have you ever wished that you could see into the future, even just a little bit? It would be nice to be able to check up on things and have some reassurance that everything really will be okay.

I don’t read fiction novels very often, but when I do I usually skip to the last chapter just to make sure everything worked out fine before continuing on with my reading. The suspense of the novel is too much to bear and I have to find out for sure what happens!

If life worked that way I imagine we would have fewer worries and a lower level of stress, but would we trust God as much?  We really don’t know what our next moment holds, but we do know that God holds our world in His hands.

His timing is perfect.

His plan is flawless.

His purpose for our lives is incredibly beautiful.

We can trust an unknown future to a known God today. Do not fret or become anxious, God is all knowing and in absolute control.

Jesus, I surrender my plans to You today. Let your perfect will be accomplished in my life, and lead and guide me in everything I do.

“He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.”

Psalms 147:3

I have a five year old daughter who loves band-aids. We go through boxes of them because she “needs” a band-aid for every boo boo. If she stubs her toe, band-aid. If she bruises her leg, band-aid. And of course every little scratch and scrape, because they definitely require an extra large band-aid. 

But I also love the thought of a band-aid, and I’m thirty years old. If I get a paper cut, a band-aid seems to heal it up so quickly and makes the pain disappear. I guess the idea of covering our boo boo’s never really goes away. 

No matter our age, we will all require healing at some point in our lives. And there are some healings that require so much more than a simple bandage. Wounds that cut so deep, you wonder if you will ever find the end of them. 

We can be hurt so tragically in this life, but God promises to heal our broken hearts and bandage our wounds. Isn’t he such a kind and gentle Savior? That He would take the time to meet with us and carefully mend what was broken.  

God has opened His nail scarred hands to you today, in hopes that you will place your hurts and wounds into them and allow healing to happen. 

It’s okay to admit that you are hurting. It’s okay to accept that you need something that humanity cannot provide. It’s okay to need something more. Allow yourself to be healed today, whether that be spiritually, physically, emotionally or mentally. 

Jesus, I am so thankful that You are our Healer. You are a God of restoration, and You are excellent at repairing broken things. Heal me today, help me to move forward and to be who I am supposed to be in You. 

“You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.”

Psalms 56:8

I remember when I was a young teen my grandparents brought me to church on a Sunday evening. I always weaselled my way out of evening services because I felt God and that frightened me, but this week was different.

I remember sitting off to the side, by myself and crying. Crying for no specific reason, but the tears were flowing. A lady in our church came up to me and gently put her arm around my shoulders and told me “did you know that God collects our tears in bottles?”

That’s all I remember. I was comforted by that thought but also confused. Why would God do that? I’ve always been a crier so He must have had millions of bottles stored up by then of my tears alone.

I realize now that God really, really loves me. I’ve always struggled with feeling “unlovable” but now I’ve come to realize that He just loves me.

I was standing on the platform of our church leading worship a few weeks ago and struggling with a situation. I felt broken and so hurt and thought to myself “what would God say to me right now, He would be so disappointed in me” Instantly God did speak to me, and simply said “He would tell you He loves you”

Why would He feel differently towards me than any of His other children? Where along the line did I lose sight of the big picture.. His perfect love for me?

Don’t be ashamed of your tears today, for He will simply store them up. He knows every single sorrow and records them, and that is a perfect, infinite, powerful love. 

God, help me to understand Your love for me today. Thank you for Calvary and the price You paid for my life. I’m thankful that You are a personal God and always so close.