Caitlin Walker


“The Lord keeps you from all harm and watches over your life.”

Psalms 121:7

My husband and I were talking one day as we were travelling out of town about  how God protects us and most of the time we are completely unaware. He told me a story that had happened to him a few days earlier, that confirmed what we were discussing.

He told me how he got stuck behind a person who was going well below the speed limit on his way to work. Once this car pulled off, another driver taking their time pulled out in front of him. His frustration was growing as he was going to be late for work. As traffic flowed closer to the highway he saw a school bus coming in the opposite direction and in an instant, a deer crossed the road and was hit by the bus.

Everyone was fine,  with only minor damage to the school bus (the deer was not so lucky) My husband drove along and thought to himself “what if I had hit the deer in my little Honda Civic? Would the result have been the same, with only the deer suffering injury?”

If he had been a little farther ahead in traffic, it could have very well been him that hit the deer, but on that morning, two people decided they were in no rush and therefore put my husband behind schedule – and I am thankful for it!

God is always watching out for you, and His protection follows you as you go about your day to day business. Thank Him for that today!

God, I am so thankful today that you are always watching out for me. I know you walk beside me, and You are as the close as the mention of Your name. Thank you for every time you protected me and I had no idea. You are incredible!

“No human wisdom or understanding or plan can stand against the Lord.”

Proverbs 21:30

We like to make plans. Our schedules are always filled with upcoming events, birthday parties, soccer games, etc. We usually like to do the same thing when it comes to our spiritual lives. Chasing the next big thing and pursuing dreams that maybe aren’t meant to become reality just yet.

No plan can stand against our Lord though, and we must learn the art of patience when it comes to the will of a God for our lives. Do you struggle with this as much as I do? I don’t like to slow down, or have curveballs thrown my way. I like to keep moving forward, and to feel  like I’m accomplishing something.

Patience is key though, and learning to be still can benefit our ministries immensely. Being still doesn’t mean doing nothing, rather it means to keep on keeping on but not stepping outside of what He has for us. God has called me to certain things and avenues of ministry but they aren’t meant to be for right NOW. So I will labour at what I can – teaching Sunday school, worship leading, serving the church and being a helping hand to my pastor and his family.

Where can you serve today?

God, I am thankful for the plans You have for my life. I know You only have the best in store for me, so help me to be patient as I wait for Your promises to come to pass and to do what I can in this moment for Your kingdom.

“Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house.”

Proverbs 24:27

Anyone out there a little bit spontaneous? When the mood hits you will paint a room in your house, rearrange the future, decide you want another child and rescue a dog from the local animal shelter. Yeah, that’s me too. My husband has come home from work numerous times only to witness the results of my compulsiveness (lucky for him, no animals were involved)

This scripture reminds us to take the time to prepare and plan though. We are often given direction from God, and think everything will automatically fall into place, when that typically isn’t the case. I remember when I first felt to short term missions, I was consumed with the thought of getting there NOW!  My husband had to talk me down quite a few times, and made me realize that these things usually take time.

If we were meant to go where we felt now, God would have provided the means and the way for that to happen. Instead, He was preparing our hearts for what He has for us further down the road, and that’s okay! We aren’t ready yet, and there’s absolutely no shame in that. In the meantime though, we can prepare our hearts and plan for what God has for us. Allow God to do His part, while we do what we can here on earth.

I thank you God that you are patient with your impatient people. We often jump the gun and want things now, while you lovingly remind us to wait on You and Your perfect timing. Thank you for Your will for my life.