“…And sinners shall be converted unto thee.” Psalm 51:13

One conversation can change a person’s life.

If you don’t believe me, think back to the conversation someone had with you about the love of God.

Well, friend, it is time to reach out and share your experience with others, it cannot wait another day. Think of at least one person who needs to hear about the love of God. Can you hear the cry of your family? Can you hear the cry of your city? One lost soul is too many.

Joel 3:14 soberly states, “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision”.

There are multitudes in the valley of decision. Multitudes we walk past every day of our lives. How many times have I had an opportunity to witness and I’ve just let a moment slip away? God, have mercy. What can we do?

  • Stand in the gap.
  • Pray for sensitivity.
  • Reach for a lost soul.
  • Pray for boldness.
  • Seek the Lord for a burden.
  • Pray to be a laborer.

Prayer: Lord, I pray you will give me the wisdom I need to share Your word with someone today. I desire to make an impact in this world with Your gospel. Give me Your heartbeat and teach me how to love people. Give me eyes to see people’s spiritual needs. Lead me to every honest, hungry heart today. Amen. 

 “Then will I teach transgressors thy ways…”Psalm 51:13

I was once a transgressor. Yes, I was that person you saw with her hands raised one week and then slowly fade into a distant memory. I was that girl who was lost, then saved, then lost again. What I needed, and what every transgressor needs, is love. Love that surpasses judgment. Love that overwhelms disappointment. And, love that abounds.

The Bible clearly states that all have sinned and have come short of the glory of God. If you have been in the place of a transgressor, then you know that people deal with bitterness, condemnation, and the fear of judgement.

We need to revisit God’s mercies often. 

After God reignites the joy of His salvation in our lives then He can use us to reconnect with those who have lost their fervency for the things of God. Call someone today and ask them out for coffee or dinner. If you see them in the mall, express to them how much you miss seeing them at church.

When we reconnect with someone who has fallen away from God, it opens a door of opportunity to witness and to reacquaint him or her with the happiness they once had. They will leave you thinking to themselves, “Wow! I wish I had that kind of joy in my life again.”

Prayer: Lord, I pray that you would divinely order my steps today so I can reconnect with someone who has lost connection with you. Give me Your eyes so I can see people like you do and help me to love as You love. I desire to be compassionate and long-suffering like You are.

A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” Proverbs 18:16

There is a preverbal door in front of all of us during our lives; the door of destiny. God has created you with a purpose and has designed intricate details into your life.

There are gifts that God has given to you that are unique. You might be saying, “Trust me, I’m not a gifted person.” But, I would have to disagree. There is something that God has breathed into your life – it knocks on the door of your heart, reminding you of your dream year after year.

When God gives you a dream or a ministry that is far beyond your capabilities and talents, it is on purpose. He is not in heaven making mistakes, mixing you up with someone else’s plan and purpose. He has called you to greatness, just as you are.

Gifts are not given to us in full bloom; they develop over time, so it is okay if you still have to grow.

God will never give you a dream you can achieve alone because He desires for you to depend on Him every step of the way.

He wants to reveal His glory, display His provision, and operate His miracles in your life. When you see a door of destiny before you, step through it in faith and believe that God has made room for your gifting.

Prayer: God, I feel incapable to pursue the ministry that You are calling me to. I pray that You will help equip me and use me in my gifting. Show me the areas in my life that steal time away from my calling and help me make Your will a priority.