Jacob said to his father, “I am Esau your firstborn. I have done as you told me. Please sit up and eat some of my game, so that you may give me your blessing.”Genesis 27:19

Jacob’s Are Everywhere

If you look around, you will discover that there are Jacob’s everywhere. He was a normal, average young person—and—a momma’s boy. His ambitious quality is soon outranked by his deceptive nature.

When he first started to pursue God, it was out of necessity and not out of faithfulness. He was running for his life and needed God to move on his behalf.

When he negotiated with his brother for the birthright, God had a purpose for his life. When he wore his brother’s clothes and stole the blessing from his father, God had a purpose for His life. And, when he fled his homeland to his uncle’s house, God had a purpose for His life.

Jacob had purpose, but did not have an understanding of what God was doing in his life.

  • He didn’t know that his name, which meant ‘deceiver’, was going to be changed to Israel, meaning ‘may God prevail’.
  • He didn’t know that an entire Nation—Israel—was going to be named after him.
  • And, He didn’t know that God planned to bring twelve tribes of Israel from his loins.

Never confuse the process with your purpose.

There may be things in your life that you may not understand, but God will put you through a process to get you to the purpose of your life.

Prayer: Lord, help me understand that You have a purpose for my life. Help me to trust the process, even when it is difficult and even when it hurts.

“And one shall say unto him, What are these wounds in thine hands? Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.” Zechariah 13:6, KJV.

I’m going to assume that every person reading this devotion has been internally scarred or wounded at some point in your life. Either you have experienced betrayal, broken promises, or maybe even abuse.

If you are the person who looks at themselves in the mirror and sees a reflection of a woman who is scarred and defective looking back at you, this post is for you. You are more than the sum your sin—you are more than those awful words someone spoke into your life—and you are more than that bad relationship. Please know that you are worth fighting for and you deserve the ardent love of God.

You Are A Warrior

You are a woman who is still standing and a woman who is called by God. I think you—yes you—are a warrior.

The pain you have endured is indicative of the dimension God desires to take you.

Our God has felt pain; His friends and family forsook Him, and He felt lonely… just like we have. The God we serve has gone through the things we have gone through. He loves you so much and wants you to know that you are not alone.

Prayer: Lord, show me who I am through Your word and transform the way I think. Show me that You have a purpose in everything I have experienced in my life. Heal me from the inside out.


“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” Ecclesiastes 3:1

During winter, the ground is dormant and nothing is growing. Everything looks dead and dry.  But, in the spring it all comes back to life. Many people don’t like the winter because of the cold and colorless landscape. It’s then that we need to remind ourselves that within a few short months it will all change!

Sometimes in our walk with God, He allows us to go through a dormant season. We don’t like it because it feels like God doesn’t even know we exist. Maybe you feel like you’re not being used like you were before and that God is finished with you. But, He’s not finished.  He’s just getting you ready to move into a new season in your life.

Winter snow contains nutrients that will soak into the ground and allow the crops to grow in spring. The slower the snow melts, the more nutrients are absorbed. When we wait on God, and don’t try to hurry things, we will benefit from the wait. In a season of waiting, allow God to refresh you and prepare you for what is coming next in your walk with Him.

God has a purpose and reason for everything He does in your life.  Trust the process.

Prayer: Lord, help me to trust You in everything You are doing in my life. Help me to remember that You have a reason for everything I am going through. I want to be ready to walk into the next season of my walk with You. In Jesus Name! Amen!