She’s a prayer warrior down on her knees Wrestling with powers and principalities Standing in the gap for others For her sisters and her brothers Reaching Heaven with her heart Prayer warrior The words of the beautiful chorus from “Prayer Warrior” by Heirloom are a powerful reminder of how often someone has prayed intercessory prayers on our behalf. Recently, God has brought to my mind the many times I have been a recipient of intercessory prayers and those I have prayed for others. When my firstborn daughter, Candace, was just a toddler, she began waking up nightly, coughing and wheezing.…

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“A mother who is selfless, loving, caring. A giver who gives everything in her life to make her children a good human being. A mother who ensures her child is competent with abilities, knowledge, skills to make her child so strong to fight with every battle. God made mothers make the world a better place.” (Nusrat Zaha) Being a mother is one of the most beautiful, selfless, and honorable things you can ever do, but motherhood is hard and may appear to come with few benefits. If you decide to be a stay-at-home mom, you may also experience many challenges and…