Write With Us!


We are now accepting guest post submissions in the devotional, article, and Bible study categories of our blog. Our objective is to provide free discipleship resources for women to share one-on-one or in small group settings.


  • Submit your post as a Word document, and include your name and the title of your post in the Word document itself (at the top of the page) as well as in the doc title (example: My Name_Post Title.doc)
  • All submissions must include at least one scripture. Please include the translation from which you are quoting.
  • We do not accept promotional pieces or anything that may be construed as a link building scheme.  We do, however, allow a link to your personal website or blog in your author bio.
  • Please include a brief bio with your content that contains a headshot and a link to your website, blog, social media and/or available books, services, or resources.
  • If you are not a licensed UPCI minister or minister’s wife, please ask your pastor to email a recommendation to us at moretolifetoday@gmail.com.
  • By contacting us with your submission, you signify that your piece is your original work.


Guest posts should fall into one of the following categories:


Include a scripture, devotional thought, and prayer.
300-600 words (half to full page)



  • Family Life (topics relating to home life – marriage, children, finances, etc.)
  • Community Life (topics relating to relationships with others)
  • Spiritual Life (topics relating to spiritual growth/Christian Living)
  • Real Life (true stories, personal experiences, miracles, personal testimonies)

Include at least one scripture.
600-900 words (1-2 pages)



  • My Life with God (Christian Living topics)
  • Deeper Life (Topics for the maturing Christian i.e., Holiness, Grace, Purity)
  • My Prayer Life (All topics relating to prayer)
  • Bible Study Series (2-5 lessons/1500-2500 words per lesson on the same topic)

View our Bible study archives for examples. Send text only. Formatting will be applied before the Bible study is posted. Include scripture references to support main points.

1500-2500 words (5-6 pages)


Our website currently has readers in 169 countries. These guidelines help us create better content for our audience:

  1. Write simple and short sentences. Avoid using more than 20 words in any sentence. Be direct and avoid unnecessary words.
  2. Beware of slang and colloquialisms. Informal words and phrases that we use in everyday conversations should be avoided. Eliminate buzzwords and church-insider acronyms and language.
  3. Use consistent terminology. Use the same word to describe the same action. Example: Stick with “Click” if that is how you begin. Avoid changing to “Press” or “Hit” later.
  4. Use simple verb formats. Example: Use “make” instead of “utilize.”
  5. Make list items complete sentences.
  6. Replace pronouns with nouns wherever possible. Write, “The event was very popular,” instead of, “It was very popular.”
  7. Be aware that humor does not always travel well.
  8. Avoid negative constructions. Example: Use “Sign up to access the content,” instead of “You cannot access the content without signing up.”
  9. Avoid the overuse of abbreviations and special symbols. Provide an explanation at the end of your article if you need to use abbreviations.
  10. Look out for seasonal references. Seasons in the Northern hemisphere are not easily understood in the Southern hemisphere.
  11. Be aware of nouns that are vague e.g., ‘local’ or ‘in our area’ unless the location is clear.
  12. Avoid political content.


  • We reserve the right to lightly edit and format the content of your submission. You, the author, retain the rights to the content.
  • Please allow one month for us to review your submission. We will contact you within 30 days only if we plan to post your content.
  • If published, we will also promote your content on social media and send it to our email subscribers. Articles and Bible Studies will be featured on our homepage for up to four weeks. All content will be included in our blog archives.
  • Currently, we are unable to provide remuneration to our writers. However, we can offer content exposure to 15,000 readers per month. Guest posting is a wonderful opportunity to expand your audience and cross-promote your work!

Together, we are engaging women in discipleship and bringing The Word to the world. Welcome to the team!

“Your words were found, and I ate them,
And Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart;
For I am called by Your name, O LORD God of hosts.” Jeremiah 15:16 (NKJV)