Anne Nov 2015 Photo6Romans 8:24  “For we are saved by hope…”

Jesus brought great hope to the earth, hope of deliverance from sin and hope of eternal life with Him.

Paul said, “If in this life we have hope, we are of all men most miserable.”  Jesus has forgiven our sins, filled us with His Spirit, and given us a hope that one day we will spend eternity in His presence.  Because of this hope, we spend time communicating with Him every day, growing closer to Him, and looking forward to what is ahead.  Hope puts a song in our heart and a smile on our face.

As the world looks at us, they should be able to see that we have something within us that makes us want to smile.  How great it is to be able to share that hope with others.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, our hope is in you today.  Help us to share that hope with all we meet, so they too will be able to share in eternity with You.

Devotion by Anne Johnston



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