Psalms 18:11 NLT

“He shrouded himself in darkness, veiling his approach with dark rain clouds.”

Scenic View Of Mountains Under Cloudy Sky

How often do we believe the lie that God has left us to suffer in our circumstance? The quiet and loneliness certainly must be a sign that God is absent, and unaware of our troubles. We often struggle with frustrated thoughts and emotions at what we have to endure in this life, at least I do. In my own self-pity it’s so easy to crumble under the pressure, and cry out “where are you God, and why have You left me?”

But what if I intentionally sought Him out in the storm?

What if His arrival won’t appear as though I thought it would. I do not know everything, nor do I know what is truly best for me. I do understand that His ways are higher than mine, so why do I assume to fathom how He will show up, and work it all out?

Psalms 18 is telling an intense story of distress and how God responded. It literally says He covered Himself in darkness and veiled His approach with dark rain clouds. When we see a storm brewing, we automatically assume it’s going to get dark and nasty before the sun shines again, and the same applies to spiritual storms. But God does not abandon us in our struggle, He is right there with us.

The storm may frighten me, but what if it is God coming to me in an unexpected way? Perhaps the storm is Him strengthening me, my faith and my resolve.

He does all things well, and absolutely no part of my story is wasted. Every tear cried and every whisper in the night is accounted for, and can be used for His glory.

God, please use this season of my life for Your glory. I do not always understand what is happening around me or to me, but I do know that You are always near and working on my behalf. Show Yourself strong to me today, and show me the right path to take.

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