Do you ever wonder what it was like to talk to Jesus one-on-one? John 4 gives details of His conversation with a Samaritan woman. He asked her for a drink, and her response put up the guard of the cultural barrier between them. “Jews have no dealings with me.” Most likely she said this while looking at the ground between them.

Jesus acknowledged the entirety of her past, but He didn’t berate her for it. He saw the grief of a broken heart. He saw her wounded spirit. He saw self-esteem in shambles. He told her, “If you knew who I was, and what I could give you, you would ask me for water.”

He talked to her in monumental terms of the ancient promises and world-changing prophesies about to be fulfilled. She resonated with those words because she believed the Messiah was coming to reveal these things. She was perceptive enough to know that Jesus was important, but she couldn’t fathom that the Messiah was already close enough to touch.

Can you imagine her shock when He said, “That’s me.” HE was the Messiah. He didn’t elaborate on the gravity of her sins. He simply offered her everlasting life. In few words, He offered freedom from emotional bondage. He offered healing for her brokenness. He offered fulfillment for her all her needs. He made her a promise. He gave her hope.

The next thing we know, this outcast sinner woman was running around town telling everyone, “Come see a man who told me all the things I ever did.” Was she excited to tell everyone about her heartbreak? Her brokenness? Her sin? No. She was excited because someone offered her unconditional love and eternal life. She was no longer ashamed of who she was. She wanted everyone to know about this gift of hope.  Her life changed on an ordinary day, in an ordinary place, after just one conversation with Jesus.

Devotion by Kristi Moore


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