Age is a number.

That is all. But it is not just years. It’s moments in time—strung together like beads on a string. The string is not endless. It’s just so many mornings and so many evenings—sunrises and sunsets.

It’s so many cups of coffee, pieces of toast, slices of pie—just so many egg rolls, enchiladas, and schnitzels.

So many miles driven, steps taken, lawns mowed, weeds pulled, pencils pushed, timecards punched, degrees earned, dishes washed, and loads of laundry.

It’s a certain number of log ons and log ins—of books read, letters written, conversations held, questions asked … and answered, trips taken, memories made, stories shared, tears shed, and belly laughs.

Just so many hugs and so many kisses. So many smiles, pats on the back, pecks on the cheek, and words of affirmation.

It’s a specific number—of prayers prayed, sins forgiven, hurts healed, “thank you”s spoken, breaths taken … heart beats. Just so many. It’s a number.

When is it enough? When is it ALL? When does it make a WHOLE life? When does the calculator stop, and the totals are final? When does the OS shut down and the screen go black?

Age is a number. That is all. It’s not a promise. It is just a certain number. Determining how many days and years we have to live is up to Him. He knows that number—He never tells us that number.

But how we FILL those days and years and moments … is up to us. Our choice. God gives us the time—we fill it.

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” (Psalm 90:12 KJV)

Can I sniff one more flower, enjoy one more song, savor one more flavor? … forgive one more offense, make one more difference, erase one more mistake? … paint one more Scripture on the walls of my soul? … fit in one more good deed, one more hug—squeeze one more smile—into this day? Can I make one more moment count? It’s up to me. Until it’s not.

LIFE is just so many moments in time—strung together like beads on a string.

God alone determines the length of the string. We determine the color and quality of the beads—but when the string ends, God ties the knot.

However, even when the numbers are final, and time is no more—wonder of wonders!  God causes the “knot” to vanish, and the “string” of life goes on, and on. FOREVER.

Age is not the same as LIFE.  Age is a number.  Life is eternal.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, my times are in Your hands. You inhabit eternity—and You have determined my days and years. All I have is this moment … and I am determined to make every moment count … for good. Show me how, LORD.


Barbara Hilderbrand and husband, Derrald, live in Wausau, Wisconsin. They’ve served in various ministerial roles within the UPCI over the past fifty years – pastoring in Illinois, Alaska, Wisconsin, and Global Missions’ Europe/ME region. Barb also served in Ladies Ministries in Alaska and Wisconsin. They now eagerly await their next assignment and/or the NEXT stamp on their passports. She also posts devotions and articles regularly on her website:


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