I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. Psalm 139:14, KJV.

Blank Canvas

I don’t know what it is about autumn weather that makes me want to be creative and cozy. Right now all I want to do is heat up some apple cider and crochet a scarf, cook a new comfort-food recipe,  or paint something for my home.  Cozy things, you know?

A few years ago I bought two blank canvases, acrylic paint, and paintbrushes. Hobby Lobby had a sale—that place can be such a danger zone!

I purchased these items with the intention of painting, but when I arrived home I packed them in a storage closet. From time to time, I would take the canvases out, look at them, and then put them back. I was hesitant about painting on them because I did not want to ruin them by making a mistake and I didn’t want to waste my paint.

Then—I had an epiphany.

Wasting Potential 

I realized I have been wasting my canvases for three years by not using them. The purpose of a canvas isn’t to sit in a dark closet in my house; its purpose is to be painted. I had been wasting its potential.

Every great artist has stood in front of a blank canvas—Monet, Rembrandt, Picasso, and Van Gogh had the same opportunity in front of them.

The possibility for a blank canvas is endless.

What would have happened if Monet never picked up a paintbrush? Or, how different would The Louvre, and other famous art museums, be if Monet hid his ‘Water Lily’ paintings in a storage closet?

Everyone has the potential to accomplish great things—to create a masterpiece with their life.

A person can have exceptional potential to be a world-renowned artist, but if they decide to hide their gift and pursue things far below their potential, then they will never have the opportunity to share their talent and story with the world.

This devotion is to help you become your own artist, with the help of a vast and creative God. Stop hiding your life’s canvas and make a decision to paint past hurt, failures, pain, victories, and dreams.

You are a work in progress, but you are still a masterpiece.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for creating me in Your image. I pray that you would help live up to my full potential. I do not want to hide in the shadow, but I want to be a light to this dark world. Remind me that I am fearfully made and a masterpiece in the making. Help me to never hide the canvas of my life.


Angela Overton is a lover of words, nature, and coffee. She is an ordained minister with the UPCI, has a Masters Degree in Theology, and loves to teach Bible studies. She and her amazing husband, Michael, pastor in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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