“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23

Early this morning (December 17) a tragic accident claimed the life of two teenage boys in our city. Police attempted to pull them over for speeding on a busy highway, but they refused to stop. Losing control, their car toppled over the edge of an overpass and landed on the street below. The car was mangled so badly it hardly looked like a vehicle.

We may never know why these teens were out so late and why they refused to obey the police and pull over. But somewhere in our city, there are grieving parents and other family members and friends who will always remember this Christmas with sorrow and questions. I pray that the Lord will be with them and give them peace.

These young men made choices that caused them their lives. Throughout our lives we have to make decisions and whichever ones we make we have to live with the consequences that follow. Wise decisions will lead us down paths that are good, but bad decisions may eventually destroy us.

Jesus Christ went to Calvary and suffered and died in our place. He took our sins upon Himself and paid the penalty. But we have to be willing to accept His gift and choose to love and serve Him. Young people often decide that they will put off giving their lives to the Lord, but there is no guarantee of tomorrow. When the Spirit of the Lord convicts us of our need of a Saviour, we have a choice to either accept Him or reject Him. The choice we make determines our eternal destiny.

The scripture above reminds us that the consequence of a life of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. How much better it is to serve the Lord with the promise of living forever with Him, than to enjoy the so-called pleasures of this world and miss all that Heaven promises. God gave each of us a free will. He does not force us to serve Him but gives us the chance to choose.

Prayer: Thank you, Jesus, for your great plan of salvation, and that when we choose to accept it, and live for you, we have the promise of eternal life.

Devotion by Anne Johnston



  1. Merlene Cadabona

    I never regret choosing Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Thank you for I am always blessed with your articles and looking forward to seeing more inspiring messages from you.

    • Anne Johnston

      Thank you so much Merlene. I am glad that you are blessed by my articles. I am so thankful that the Lord supplies the inspiration for them and just want to be a blessing to others, because I have been blessed abundantly. Happy New Year to you.