Peter was therefore kept in prison, but constant prayer was offered to God for him by the church, (Acts 12:5, Holy Bible, New King James).

    My ophthalmologist directed my attention to his left ear a few seconds before he shined a blinding light into my face. I wanted to close my eyes, but he insisted that my focus remain steadfast even though I couldn’t see. The directional angle allowed him to examine specific portions of my eye. While Peter was unjustly imprisoned, the local church could have been blinded by the impossibility of circumstances. After offering a single prayer for a hopeless situation, they could have closed their eyes and moved to the next prayer need. Instead, the church focused its attention on Peter. God heard their continual prayer and dispatched an angel to release Peter from the jail. Focused prayer became a miracle.
    Prayer: Lord, help me to focus on the individual needs of those around me. Let my prayers united with others touch You for a miracle. Amen.
    Devotion by Violet Carr Moore

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