The accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Revelation 12:11, KJV.

Have you ever read a scripture that evokes a question that you have been trying to avoid? The above verse encourages me to think about the state-of-mind I was in when God saved me. I was a broken, confused, and lost teenager. I oftentimes forget that I did not grow up in church, because my past is far removed from me. It feels like a different life.

There are certain years of my life I have hidden under the guise of present joys and successes. As a result, I have at times convinced myself that some of my experiences are insignificant and useless.

However, the forgotten chapters of my life, and yours, are valuable—they are pieces of our testimony.

Searching through the debris of our past will excavate the chapters of our lives we have thrown away. But more than anything in this world, I desire to find God in the most painful moments of my life, and discover that He was there with me. Without Him I wouldn’t have endured, overcome, and grown.

If God wasn’t with me in those dark moments, then I would not be where I am now.

You have an incredible story—it may be titled, “My Life: The Up’s, The Down’s, and the In-betweens, but it is your life’s work of how you found God. It is your testimony of what God has done for you and your family. And, it is a storyline riveting with impossible situations and miraculous miracles.

Your forgotten chapters can be used as a tool to bring healing and restoration into this world. You and I can both change the trajectory of someone’s life by sharing our experiences. Together, we can share our testimony when our adversary attempts to discourage us. Your story serves as a reminder that you have been forgiven of all of your sins and that you are an overcomer by the blood of Jesus.

Your forgotten chapters are important. Yes, some pages may be red, covered by the blood of Jesus, but that is the power of your testimony—forgiveness, deliverance, salvation, hope, legacy, and eternal life.


Lord, help me to share my story with the intention to edify and empower other people. I believe that there can be purpose though my pain. I desire to be an overcomer and a person who combats the enemy with the influence of my testimony, because it is through my past that I can share the power of the blood You shed for me on Calvary. Thank you, Jesus.


Angela Overton is a lover of words, nature, and coffee. She is an ordained minister with the UPCI, has a Masters Degree in Theology, and loves to teach Bible studies. She and her amazing husband, Michael, pastor in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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