“Guide my steps by your word,” (Psalm 119:133).
    We often compare life to a road. Like physical roads-the road of life is not all smoothly-paved. Along the way we may encounter bumps, twists and detours; and then there are crossroads or intersections where we have to decide whether to go left or right or just continue straight ahead. Our most prized possession on life’s journey is the Word of God. Keep it hidden in the glove compartment of your heart and reach for it frequently. It is the ultimate roadmap-the quintessential GPS. If you make a wrong turn God’s voice will speak through His written Word and get you back on track again. And when the enemy throws up his “No U-Turns allowed” sign”, just look to God’s roadmap. He will make a way where there is no way!!
    Prayer: Lord, I confess that I cannot navigate through life without you. Help me to reach for and hide your Word in my heart every day so that I will not lose my way!
    Devotion by Anne Richardson

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