“You sent abundant rain, O God, to refresh the weary land.”

Psalms 68:9

Many of you reading this devotion today are probably tired. I am tired. I am 24 weeks pregnant and have a four year old, and most days I find myself just trying to survive. This physical exhaustion often transfers over into my spiritual life, and causes me to become weary in well doing.

I struggle with maintaining the same pace as before, always striving to be my best with no faltering at all. But I am weary ladies, and my relationship with God is taking the brunt of my current situation.

I read this scripture though, and I automatically feel refreshed. He sends ABUNDANT rain! Not just a fine mist or a brief shower, but a full down pouring of His spirit to refresh my weary soul.  We truly serve an all-knowing, incredible God! He is patient as He walks with us and us with Him.

God, I am so thankful today that you walk beside me always. You are constant, and enduring. I falter and struggle most days, but YOU remain a firm foundation. Send abundant rain today Lord, so I may walk bodly in who You have called me to be.

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