“I am worn out waiting for your rescue, but I have put my hope in your word.”

Psalms 119:81 NLT

Have you ever had a day where your mind is just mentally overloaded and exhausted? I had one of those days today. It’s impossible for us to be able to process all the hurt, suffering and brokenness in the world right now. It really is overwhelming.

I’ve been crying out “we need you God” more these last few weeks than I have ever before. My heart aches, and I long for peace.

There are probably many of us feeling this way, and as I read Psalms 119 I see that David was feeling that way too. He too was exhausted and worn out dealing with the day to day suffering, and desperately crying out to be rescued.

It’s okay to feel this way, we are human and there are some things that are just too traumatic for us to process. But if we follow David’s actions and turn to the Word of God – we will find what we desire.

We can find peace.


Love and mercy.

A future.

A God who loves us infinitely.

We can’t dwell in despair and conflict. We must make the decision to turn to the Word and to rest there. If you do, God will speak to you. He will cause your heart to steady and your mind to become clear.

Worn out today? Put your hope in His Word.

God, I pray that as I read Your word today that You would speak to me. Order my steps today, and help me to feel Your peace.

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