How often have we heard our children say, “I want one!” Regardless of what it was, they wanted it simply because someone else had one. The children of Israel thought they wanted one; a king that is.

“Nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of Samuel; and they said, Nay, but we will have a king over us” (1 Samuel 8:19 in the King James Version of the Holy Bible).

God knew they didn’t need an earthly king but allowed them to have one because they asked for it. Did it help their situation? Not at all. Samuel, the man of God, knew what was best for God’s people because he listened to God. Do you want something when God has already said, “No”? Listen to the man of God. God speaks through him to you.

Prayer: Lord, help me to be content with what You have given me. You know what’s best even when I want something that is not in Your will. Amen.

Devotion by: Kaye Singleton


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