“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10

Most of us have read or heard this scripture read and, in our minds, have said that it is impossible for a woman to reach the high ideal that is portrayed. The writer of Proverbs said her value was above rubies.

I found the following interesting information about rubies in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

“The quality of a ruby is determined by its color, cut, and clarity, which, along with carat weight, affect its value. The brightest and most valuable shade of red called blood-red or pigeon blood, commands a large premium over other rubies of similar quality. After color follows clarity: similar to diamonds, a clear stone will command a premium. Improving the quality of gemstones by treating them is common practice. Improvements used include color alteration, improving transparency by dissolving rutile inclusions, healing of fractures (cracks) or even completely filling them. The most common treatment is the application of heat. Another treatment, which has become more frequent in recent years, is lead glass filling. Filling the fractures inside the ruby with lead glass (or a similar material) dramatically improves the transparency of the stone, making previously unsuitable rubies fit for applications in jewelry.”

We had a teacher in Bible College who often told us we were like diamonds in the rough, put into a bag and shaken so that we might be polished and made ready to fulfill our purpose in life. As women, we desire to be the very best that the Lord would have us be. When we first come to Him, we are full of faults and imperfections, but as we yield to His guidance and direction, His Holy Spirit works on us to make us perfect in His sight. The circumstances He allows serve to polish us and fill replace the weak places with His strength.

I believe if we look closely at these verses in Proverbs, we can break them down into our everyday living and realize that we can become the ideal woman that is picture here. Over the next few days, let’s consider some of the attributes that she possessed and compare them with what God is doing in our lives.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, we thank you for your Holy Spirit that is working in our lives, making us what you would have us be. Show us today where we fall short of your perfect plan and give us the grace and wisdom to become what you would have us be.

Devotion by Anne Johnston


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