In today’s world, it is far too easy to become overwhelmed by the assaults of the enemy. In fact, it is expected. Everywhere we look, there is sickness and struggle. People all over the world are experiencing higher rates than ever of depression, suicide, and mental illness.

It’s enough to make the most stoic Christian woman throw up her hands in defeat! I will admit that I have sometimes felt like giving up. Then I read Luke 19:12-13 again and realized I might have missed some of the meaning of “occupy until He comes.”

When our family answered the call to pastor, I thought I knew what to expect. I found out quickly, however, that whatever I thought I knew wasn’t enough. My prayer life wasn’t enough for the battles we would go through. My emotional stability wasn’t enough for the struggles we would face. I was shaken by doubts and fears.

Here’s what God gave me in one of my lowest times: When a powerful nation wins a military victory over a hostile nation, that is only the beginning of the fight. That nation must then occupy the enemy’s territory until freedom is achieved for its citizens. It’s simply not enough to fight the battle and then leave the field, but that’s where I was.

It was during this personal struggle that I came across Raymond Woodward’s lesson on “Effectual Fervent Prayer”:

“Unwavering determination and untiring effort are required to preserve a precarious peace and defend a fledgling freedom against those whose ideology prefers dictatorship to democracy and who will stop at nothing in their attempts to sabotage the process and reverse the progress. Victory may be declared, but occupying forces must see to it that victory is enforced.

An occupying force changes the very complexion of a nation. Whether it intends to do so or not, the occupied nation begins to adopt the culture and habits of its occupiers.

When God called you, it wasn’t a mistake or an oversight. He called you—with your particular set of skills, your personality, and yes, your flaws. He called you to occupy until He comes.

I don’t know about you, but my faith has grown so much—even during this terrible time in our world— because I have finally figured out that my God is truly all-powerful; and He is on my side. My side!

Maybe it’s time we stop seeing ourselves as under attack by the enemy and turn the tables. Arm yourselves. Let your glory shine as you march out with confidence, knowing that your King has your back.

Occupy—don’t just make do—be a force to reckon with under the mighty hand of God. Occupy and change your local culture with the power of your prayers and spread the anointing of the Holy Ghost everywhere you go.


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Aimee Staten is married to David Staten, and they, with the help of their grown daughter, Aubrey, pastor in Globe, Arizona. Aimee is a former journalist and is currently a county grants administrator. She enjoys historic houses, decorating, long walks with her husband, and thrift shopping.

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