“Like the legs which are useless to the lame, so is a proverb in the mouth of fools.” (Proverbs 26:7 NASB)

I wish it didn’t, but this verse hit close to home. My dad spent years living with useless legs. In a purely emotionless sense, paralysis is fascinating. His nerves were intact, but his Multiple Sclerosis destroyed their insulation. The motor signals from his brain went out in weak fits and jumbled spurts, causing painful cramps in his muscles, but didn’t lend enough strength to coordinate movement or to walk. His legs were far worse than useless.
He wouldn’t mind me using his example for this, don’t worry. He would want us to understand how the metaphor in this verse works. A foolish person with wise words in their mouth is like my dad’s body — paralyzed. The Word of God is like a living signal meant to empower my actions. But my human foolishness can alter the signal and even halt it completely.
God’s wisdom is meant to mobilize me in a coordinated effort forward, so I can fulfill the calling, “Go.”
His Word will move my literal feet.
Out of my comfort zone.
Out of my church walls.
Out of my mindless routine, on a purposeful journey into the depths of His ways.
In my foolishness, I have many many times said, “Amen” to God’s Word, only to let it stagnate. I’ve spoken it, only for it to scramble into static before it could move me. The signal was alive and well in my brain, but my feet weren’t moving. My mouth wasn’t speaking. My eyes weren’t seeing. My heart wasn’t hurting with compassion.
Sometimes my burdens are the weight of my own selfish flesh holding me down. Sometimes the heaviness is me. I need the Spirit to animate the dead parts so I can move.


Lord, let the Spirit’s signal be unbroken in me. Strong enough to travel out to my hands, feet, and mouth. Give me the power to walk by faith.



  1. Tina Suarez

    Ty, Kristi for writing! Pls pray for my daughter, Christina. I have just always felt that the more ppl praying, the better! Ty. Just to share my heart, thanks!

  2. Barbara Atchison

    Powerful word! Thank you! I feel conviction.