“Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house.”

Proverbs 24:27

Anyone out there a little bit spontaneous? When the mood hits you will paint a room in your house, rearrange the future, decide you want another child and rescue a dog from the local animal shelter. Yeah, that’s me too. My husband has come home from work numerous times only to witness the results of my compulsiveness (lucky for him, no animals were involved)

This scripture reminds us to take the time to prepare and plan though. We are often given direction from God, and think everything will automatically fall into place, when that typically isn’t the case. I remember when I first felt a call to short term missions, I was consumed with the thought of getting there NOW!  My husband had to talk me down quite a few times, and made me realize that these things usually take time.

If we were meant to go where we felt now, God would have provided the means and the way for that to happen. Instead, He was preparing our hearts for what He has for us further down the road, and that’s okay! We aren’t ready yet, and there’s absolutely no shame in that. In the meantime though, we can prepare our hearts and plan for what God has for us. Allow God to do His part, while we do what we can here on earth.

I thank you God that you are patient with your impatient people. We often jump the gun and want things now, while you lovingly remind us to wait on You and Your perfect timing. Thank you for Your will for my life.

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