May I make a very bold statement?

You cannot be a Christian and not pray. It simply defies logic. To be Christ-like is following and adhering to the teachings of Jesus Christ.  One thing was very clear about Jesus…He prayed!

He prayed at the beginning of his ministry on earth. Jesus prayed and the heaven was opened up and the Spirit descended on him like a dove.  (Luke 3:21-22)

Jesus withdrew for a time of prayer. He often went on the mountainside to pray.  He prayed late at night. (Matthew 14;23), He got up early to pray (Mark 1:35), He prayed in the wilderness alone (Luke 5:16).

Jesus prayed with others. Luke 9:28, he took Peter, James, and John and prayed.

Jesus spent time in prayer before making major choices. Before choosing the disciples, he spent the entire night praying. (Luke 6:12-13) I wonder how much better our lives would be if we spent all night praying before we made major choices?

Jesus prayed for others. “Simon, satan hath desired to have you, but I prayed for you that your faith fail not.” Jesus prayed for the disciples. (Luke 22:32)

Jesus prayer times were often teaching experiences. After a time of prayer with the disciples, Jesus asked, “Who do people say that I am?” (Luke 18-20)  And revelation came. Thou are the Christ.

Jesus prayed during his greatest time of need. (On the cross)

Jesus taught persistence in prayer. He told the disciples that men ought always to pray and not give up. Luke 18:1 (Can’t imagine he would tell them to do something he wasn’t doing himself.)

Jesus prayed before meals. When He fed the five thousand with the boy’s lunch of bread and fish (Mark 6:41), when He fed the four thousand (Mark 8:6), when He shared a meal with His disciples in the upper room the night before His crucifixion (Mark 14:22), and, following His resurrection, when He shared a meal with Cleopas and his wife in Emmaus (Luke 24:30).

If we are CHRIST-LIKE, then WE MUST be people of prayer.


by Lisa Marshall
Reposted from Ladies Prayer International e-Newsletter



  1. Nina Stella Gutuvakaca

    Amen, & amen. I for one knows the goodness or the beauty of prayer.
    I have two sons, they are now in the church. The only weapon I used to bring them back to Gods kingdom is prayer. I know what prayer is and it’s the breath of my life. It is so real, that I wouldn’t let it go.
    Thank you for those encouraging statements, it really uplifts me and also shows me I’m on the right track. Thank you and thank you very much.
    God bless this ministry!!😀😀
    Nina Gutuvakaca

  2. Amen how very true that is without prayer what would we do.