Where can we go and be safe? I’ve wondered that at times. People fail us. Circumstances come avalanching through our lives, leaving us wounded, beaten and broken.

It seems that there is no one that we can count on all the time and in every situation. There is a “Friend” that will never leave us. There is One that can be trusted with our darkest secrets and greatest needs.

It is exhausting to constantly defend and protect ourselves and what we have. “Trust in the Lord,” the Psalmist said (Psalm 37:4). When we trust God, we no longer have to struggle and strain to get what we need.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we do trust You. Give us courage to trust You even more. Being vulnerable even before You is not easy. You know that. Thank You for loving us. Thank You for providing for our every need.

Devotion by Bonnie Peacock


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