Great effort is made to educate the public about how to maintain a healthy heart. Equal attention is given to knowing the signs of heart disease. Local hospitals offer “Free Heart Assessments”. Many people take advantage of these offers. They have a Heart Evaluation. They make lifestyle changes. Their lives are saved.

Perhaps we should declare a spiritual heart check initiative. The public would be educated on how to maintain a healthy spiritual heart! Equal attention would be given to knowing the signs of spiritual heart disease. The local churches, empowered by the Holy Spirit, would offer a “Free Spiritual Heart Check”. Many people would come. They would have a Heart Evaluation by the Holy Spirit. They would make lifestyle changes. Their spiritual lives would be saved.

READ: Psalm 119:9, from the Holy Bible, New Century Version “How can a young person live a pure life? By obeying your (God’s) word.”

Prayer: God, I want to have a spiritually healthy heart. Examine the inner me. Remove any disease causing attitudes in my spirit. Empower me to change my ways.

Devotion by Debbie Simler-Goff


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