Have you ever been with someone who moved so slowly you almost wanted to walk FOR them?! Lagging behind is usually not a desirable outcome. Others move ahead, and the one unhurriedly strolling gets further and further behind.

Sometimes a coach will encourage a player to move a little faster. He/she knows the player has it in them to pick up speed without compromising their health or well-being. They just need encouragement and motivation.

STEP IT UP! Move a little faster. Don’t lag behind. Increase the pace.

Not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord; (Romans 12:11 NKJV)

Specifically, this passage is a continuation on the gifting’s a person receives from God — prophesying, serving, teaching, giving, encouraging, leading, and showing mercy. These are followed closely by commands to love sincerely. And THEN, we are admonished to not lag in diligence.

STEP IT UP! The Pause you should take is one that re-energizes you to diligently and fervently fulfill your calling! Don’t Pause (lag) to Doubt. Don’t Pause (lag) to Compare. Don’t Pause (lag) to Slow your Forward Progress. Don’t Pause (lag) to Quit.

I’m encouraging you today to STEP IT UP! Pick up your pace & do as much as you can accomplish for God and His Kingdom! Move a little faster to win the lost, to share your testimony, to encourage, to give, to serve, to teach, to show mercy, and to love.

STEP IT UP! The finish line is now in view. It’s definitely not a time to give up and give in to fears. It’s a time to regroup and FINISH the race!

God truly wants to do the Him-Possible in your life. All He needs is for you to STEP UP YOUR FAITH!


The devotions in The Pause for Him-Possible series are in the process of being published and will be available to purchase soon!

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