Make the best use of your time. These are sinful days. Do not be foolish. Understand what the Lord wants you to do. (Ephesians 5:15-17, NLV)

Do you often find yourself asking where the time has gone? This coming from a girl who still thinks she could be a high school student. When I was a kid I remember days feeling like years and a year seeming to be an eternity. If I blink my eyes now, I’ve missed an entire week! Make it a point to enjoy each and every day. I know that I personally wouldn’t want to look back on my life 20 years from now and wonder what I did with all of my time.

Prayer: Lord, let me make the best use of my time. Life is too short to be wasting precious moments! In Jesus name, amen.

Devotion by Melinda Keays


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