“And I will give thee the treasures of darkness..” (Isaiah 45:3).
    At first glance, John’s banishment to the Isle of Patmos for his allegiance to the Lord seems a pretty dismal scenario. But on the contrary, in a moment when reality on the outside seemed darkest, John slipped into the reality of the Spirit and received a powerful revelation! God gave John a treasure in the darkness. He showed him the whole picture.
    If you are experiencing this kind of darkness, I encourage you to get into the Spirit. Start reading the back of God’s book and remind yourself that we are on the winning side! Remember that the captain of our salvation is the Alpha and Omega-the Beginning AND the End. If we will stay in Him He will see us through every dark place until that great and glorious day when we see him face to face! Hallelujah! What a thought!
    Prayer: Lord, when I say, “Surely the darkness shall cover me”, help me to see that even the night shall be light about me; that with you the night shines as the day!
    Devotion by Anne Richardson

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