Psalms 142:5 NLT

“Then I pray to you, O Lord. I say, “You are my place of refuge. You are all I really want in life.”

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I’ve always known that I needed God.

From the time I was a scared, confused child to now as a young adult – I understand my need for Him. I have lived my life without Him, and I sincerely have no desire to return to that way of living. I say that humbly, because I have witnessed firsthand the destruction and hurt that I can cause when He isn’t living within me.

I’ve faced a harsh truth this week though.

As much as I recognize my need for Him, how much does that trickle into wanting Him. The thought of going one single minute without Jesus is absolutely terrifying to me. But do I always give Him the proper amount of my time that He deserves? When troubles come, I know who to call out to. But when things are easy and comfortable, do I remember to send up praises simply because of who He is?

Needing and wanting are two completely different things. You may need healing, but do you want to be healed? You may understand that you need deliverance, but do you desire to be delivered?

When God dropped this into my spirit this week, it shook me up. I’ve spent so much of my time professing my need for God, while neglecting the truth about my desire for wanting more of Him. There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing God – in fact, it’s so incredibly important. But when the stability of our relationship with Him hinges on only need, we will sadly miss out on so much more that He has to offer.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling the same way that I have. If so, let’s take the time to first repent. Next, let’s be intentional Christian’s who pursue the deeper things of God. He has so much more to offer ladies, we just have to be willing to chase after it!

God, please forgive me for not pursuing after You and Your word like I should be. The distractions of life have had my attention for too long. Please help me to live with purpose, and to always be aware of my need for You, while daily spending time with You.

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