“Just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function, so it is with Christ’s body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.”

Romans 12:4

Have you ever heard the expression “it takes all kinds” ? Maybe that is only a Canadian thing to say, but nonetheless it applies to everyone. Take a look at your own circle of people, every family has that one person that would fit into that category.

It is the same with the church family, the body of Christ. How boring would life be if we all fit into one mold? We need people that are musically talented but we also need those who are not intimated to talk with first time visitors. My husband can talk to a complete stranger for hours, whereas I struggle with small talk – we need balance. We need people who are vibrant, expressive worshipers, but we also need those quiet individuals who intercede in a service and are often overlooked.

It’s easy to be “the family of God” when we are all gathered around the table enjoying a beautiful potluck meal, but what about when things take a turn for the worst? What about when someone strays and your heart is shattered. No matter the circumstance, we are all children of God, so we must learn to love through the difficult situations. This is a lesson I have been learning lately, to let go of my own opinions and judgments and just love like God loves. Be an encourager, not someone who makes a mess of the road back for backslider. I like the part of the scripture that says “and we all belong to each other” What an incredible thought!

Lord, help me to have my priorities and my thoughts aligned with Yours. Help me to always love like You do, even in the most trying of circumstances. Help me to accept the individuality of every saint and to find the gold in everyone.

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    Linda Gleason

    Great article! So true!!! Thank you. Blessings.