“That our garners may be full, affording all manner of store: that our sheep may bring forth thousands and ten thousands in our streets:” Psalm 144:13.

I like to read pioneer stores. In most of them there are references to the way the women prepared for winter by filling their root cellars or storage rooms with food. Everything that was harvested from their gardens or from the fields and woods around them was canned, dried, or preserved in some way for them to have food for the long winter months.

When winter came, they were prepared. Each day, they could go to their storehouse and find something different to add to their meals. How exciting it was as spring was nearing to discover that last jar of fruit that had been hidden behind other things, and a special dessert would appear on the family’s supper table.

The days and weeks of this new season in our live have lasted longer than we thought. Most of us are privileged to be able to watch and listen to sermons online. There are some who are unable to do this. Whatever group we find ourselves in, we are thankful for the teachings that we have had through the years, and for the pastors that have instilled God’s Word in our hearts.

Each day as we find our quiet place to read God’s Word and pray, He opens His storehouse to us, and presents treasures. Verses of scripture that we have read many times before, suddenly are illuminated with a fresh revelation. Messages we heard maybe years ago will pop into our minds and renew us. Maybe there will be a notation in the margin of our Bible, that speaks once again to our spirits.

It is so important that we spend time each day with the Lod, seeking His face and reading His Word, storing up all we can of Him. We do not know what tomorrow holds, and how long it will be before we can gather. But if we have our storehouse full, we know that we can go to the Lord and find just what we need for whatever each day brings our way.

Have you visited your storehouse today? Have you found treasures from the Lord? And, are you storing up new things to sustain you in the days ahead?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for the things we have learned of you over the years. As we meet with you each day, quicken your Word to our heart and reveal new treasures.

Devotion by Anne Johnston



    • Anne Johnston

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