“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118.24

In the 1960’s I was in Bible College. As we listened to our teachers and to the visiting ministers, we were all convinced that the coming the Lord was very near. Most of us were wondering if we would even see graduation.

Then as we approached the turning of the century, most preachers were saying that it would happen very soon. Surely, the Lord would not put up much longer with the wickedness and evil that abounded in our world.

Now many years have passed and still the Lord hasn’t come. As we look at so many things from the Scriptures that have been fulfilled in these last decades, surely, His coming must be very near. Whoever would have thought we would still be here, to see 2018 come to an end and we would be enter another year.

BUT we know the promise is still there – Jesus is coming back for His people, and it could be any day. The important thing is that we be ready, walking in the light of His Word, and expecting it to happen.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for the promise that you are coming back for your church, help us to walk faithfully with you, ready for that day.

Devotion by Anne Johnston



  1. Nina Stella Gutuvakaca

    Amen, amen. This is all we’ve been waiting for.
    Thank you for your reminder to be faithful till the end.
    May you also have a prosperous New Year.


    • Anne Johnston

      Glad it was a blessing to you. Happy New Year to you.