“And Ruth the Moabitess said unto Naomi, Let me now go to the field, and glean ears of corn after him in whose sight I shall find grace. And she said unto her, Go, my daughter.” Ruth 2:2

Ruth was a stranger in Bethlehem. She had her mother-in-law, a new-found faith, and was determined to stay with both. She realized that there was a time to move on, to give up everything in order to walk with God and live among His people. She and Naomi had come to Bethlehem at the time of barley harvest and directed by Naomi she went to glean behind the reapers in the field. This was a way for her to serve and provide food for them both.

Gleaning was not a glamorous occupation, but she went about her duties with a spirit of humility. She is certainly a role model to us all today.

As followers of Jesus, it is important that we become part of a community of believers, that we develop a daily communion with the Lord, and that we find a way to serve.

The harvest fields are ripe, there is work to for all of us. Thank the Lord for ministers and pastors who are preaching the Word of God in their churches and on live streaming, bringing the Gospel to the world. But we cannot leave the work to them. Each of is called to the service of God. You may thing that there is nothing that you can do, that you don’t have any special talents or giftings. But there is something that we all can do and that is pray.

As we near the time of Christ’s coming, we realize how important prayer is. We are looking for a great harvest of souls, and it is up to you and me to lift up the names of our families and loved ones to the Lord. We know that when they return to faith in Christ, they will also influence and bring others with them. We may never know how far our prayers reach. Think of it as “gleaning,” picking up the strays that the harvesters have left behind.

Let us take an example from Ruth, seek the Lord for direction, and find our harvest field. As we bind together in prayer, the Spirit of the Lord will work on the hearts of those we are praying for and draw them to Himself.

Prayer: Jesus, the harvest is great, and workers are few. Direct us in prayer for those that do not know you and use us as vessels for you.

Devotion by Anne Johnston




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