“Losing self-control leaves you as helpless as a city without a wall.” (Proverbs 25:28 CEV)

Ancient cities that had no walls were easy prey for their enemies. A person without self-control is just as defenseless against Satan’s attack. Self-control enables us to counteract external and internal negative forces that can cause us to make wrong choices. We need the Spirit of God working in us to help us do what is right!

Prayer: Lord, I ask You to activate Your Spirit inside me to enable me to turn away from wrong actions. Though the temptation to lose control of my emotions and desires will challenge my faith, I choose to build a wall of self-control around my heart. In Jesus Name, Amen.


Julie is a writer who would rather read; a speaker who would rather listen; a joyful wife to Peter and a determined mother of two. She shares her passion for discipleship in Reflections magazine and online at moretolifetoday.com. Julie is the More to Life Director for Ladies Ministries UPCI and the Atlantic District Ladies President.

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  1. I’m really blessed with this messages from GOD..Praise GOD!! May the LORD give you more knowledge and wisdom. Thank you and GOD BLESS😇😇😇😇