“Forty years later, in the desert near Mount Sinai, an angel appeared to Moses in the flame of a burning bush”

Life has a funny way of catching us off guard, and usually at the most inconvenient times. Have you ever noticed that God can work that way as well? 

Moses probably thought that chapter of his life was over, after all, forty years had passed. But that is usually when God is up to something.. in the silent, quiet, “everything is going well”’seasons of life.  

When I read this portion of scripture this thought instantly came to my mind, God can call you at any time in your life. You may believe that the time for ministry or something new is long gone, but that just may not be true. 

If you have breath in your lungs today, God has a purpose for you! Open yourself up to something new and exciting. Instead of just dipping your toes in the water, dive in! His will is perfect and His plan for your life is beyond what you could ever dream.

It’s never too late to advance the kingdom of God! 

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