“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” (Psalm 51:10)

It was a busy Saturday filled with household chores and lots of errands. Amidst all of our running from place to place, we stopped in a dryer repair shop. My dryer had been broken for about a month. My wonderful husband had bought a part and followed a DIY YouTube tutorial, but after replacing the part we thought it needed, it was still out of commission. Just imagine the piles of laundry that could accumulated in a month and multiply by 10! This was where I was. The situation was getting desperate.

Although the repair shop was quite cluttered and in disarray, the repairman was friendly and didn’t seem busy. We asked how soon he could come by to look at our dryer. He was ready at that very moment. Agh! My laundry room was not ready to be viewed by the public. We agreed to meet at our home in an hour.

As I hurriedly cleared away items that had been left on the counter, I noticed the door needed wiping. Little smudges from dirty hands were everywhere. How have I not seen that? I glanced over a couple inches to the light switch. Eww! There were smudges on there too. Oh wow! I saw a speck of dirt on the wall too. How have I passed these things multiple times a day and not seen them?

As I wiped off the smudges, I was reminded of how it is when we begin a fresh commitment to “clean up” our spiritual lives. When we begin “housework” with God, we will notice more things that we’ve allowed, unintentionally, to get dirty. The more time we spend cleaning up through prayer and reading the Word; the more we notice in our life that needs to change. The only way we can truly maintain a pure life is to daily ask God to show us those the areas that need cleaning.

Prayer: God, don’t allow me to ignore things that I “walk by” everyday in my life that aren’t pleasing to You. Change me. Clean me up. Make me more like You!


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