Focus Verses: Genesis 1:11-13, 20-21, 23-27

After God formed the core – the base of all creation, and divided the waters in order for things to be placed where they belong, He begins to add in the details, the extras, the beauty, or as I like to say, the icing and the sprinkles.

The splendor of the created vegetation around us is constant, maybe to the point that you don’t even consciously notice it if you don’t take the time to purposefully appreciate it. Although you would notice if it weren’t there!  The flora around us is not only for the enjoyment of our eyes but for our provision as well as the provision of the animals which are also a resource for people.  The majority of animals that we use to help us work or as a source of food are herbivores.  God created it this way.  When He created the trees, grasses and plants, He was placing life giving sources on the land that we would dwell upon.  The systems and order set in place by God gives us the air that we breathe in and out without any thought.  Notice that these resources were being placed and prepared BEFORE humans are created and before animals are in the picture. The intelligence and deep love of our Creator brought forth an abundance of beauty, provision, enjoyment, and life.

We are given a promise of more to come when some things begin to whither.  We’re told that “The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever” (Isaiah 40:8).  We know that things will not last forever, but God’s Word will!  We know that He won’t leave us without a way through.  In plants, trees, and shrubs are seeds that will produce more its kind. Some even produce under dire circumstances. 

Some of the seeds in pine cones are only released to allow a new pine tree to grow if they are heated to extreme temperatures.  For example, if a forest of these pine trees has a fire, whether due to accident or lightening strike, the pine cones, once heated, release the seed that is within them which allows new trees to grow in place of the burned forest. 

Sometimes when God has divided, moved, and placed us where He wants us, He begins to add in some things to our lives.  He places everything there that we need to not only survive but to flourish.  The success and the flourishing don’t always come easy.  Sometimes we get burned, hurt, consumed by things that are around us.  We may feel like there is no coming back after we face trials.  We see and appreciate when He adds but forget that in loss, hurt and pain, He is still working. 

Sometimes the only way for the seed to be released and something new to be placed is for you to face the fire.

Cindy Rose

Sometimes the only way for the seed to be released and something new to be placed, is for you to face the fire.  Don’t forget that God never leaves your side in that fire.  Remember Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego?  There was a fourth Man in the fiery furnace with them!  They came out unharmed, undoubtedly renewed and stronger. Their trial was a testimony to all who saw it and to many generations thereafter, even until now.

Prayer Focus

Thank God for all that He adds to you and your life, whether for beauty’s sake, provision, or for a learning and growing experience.  Ask Him to help you recognize those additions and respond to them according to His desires for you.

Remember too, that on each of the days of creation, God saw when it was good and decided exactly at what point to call it so.  He knows how to make all things good for you.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose.

Romans 8:28

Cindy is a homeschooling mother of four children, Joshua, Adam, Abi, and Judah. She helps her husband, Rev. Josh Rose, Sr., Children’s Church Pastor at First Pentecostal Church of Denham Springs, lead children to the Lord. Cindy has recently started a blog that she prays will bless parents, wives and all other followers of Jesus. She has a desire to lead families to live a holy lifestyle that glorifies God in every way. You can visit her blog at or you may contact her via email at

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