A staple at every meal in my childhood, homemade biscuits or buttered cinnamon toast in the oven disappeared from my hurried life when I became the cook. Popup toast took over. It moved to second place in winter days when instant oatmeal warmed my mornings. Homemade pancakes, a Saturday treat, succumbed to dry mix or microwaveable frozen rounds. Toast made occasional appearances at lunch sandwiching tuna salad or bacon, lettuce and tomato. Crackers have replaced cornbread, accompanying cold-weather stew. Bible readings, God’s daily bread, seem to have followed the natural bread route.
    No time to devour a full stack of biblical pancakes from Old Testament declarations. Mumbled recitations of the Twenty-third Psalm alternating with Our Father Who Art in Heaven are pop-up toast. An online devotional and Scripture reading by key word sandwiches busy days. An easy-read Psalm in the evenings becomes the diet for family Bible study. Time to put daily bread back into my diet.

      “Give us this day our daily bread, (Matthew 6:11, Holy Bible King James Version).

        Prayer : Lord Jesus, I devoured a devotion, an online Scripture and searched the Bible for truth to strengthen me today. Your word is my daily bread. Amen.
        Devotion by Violet Carr Moore

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