“You have armed me with strength for the battle; you have subdued my enemies under my feet.”

Psalms 18:39

Times are changing. Anyone remotely spiritual can feel the shift that has happened these last few weeks. You can sense the undercurrent of God’s infinite power in every single event that has taken place. Is it all devastating? Yes. But if you really look for Him, you can see Him at work.

Just as God equipped David with what he needed for battle, He has done the same for you. You are not facing uncertain times without the proper weapons.

Praise and worship – Your worship can literally change the atmosphere around you.

Prayer & fasting – Communication with God keeps you near to Him and allows you to hear Him voice.

The Word – The bible is filled with scripture that can be used to combat every lie and tactic of the enemy.

The family of God – staying close and connected to those who are facing the same battle gives you strength and determination to press on.

Pick up and wear the armor of God today. Prepare yourself for uncertain days by drawing nearer to the One who is always victorious.

God, help me to recognize and fully utilize the weapons you have placed in my hands. I know You go before me, and are always with me.

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