Did you ever breeze over the ending of the Lord’s Prayer? I have. The words are so poetic, they just roll off the tongue.

We’ve heard it preached and sung, been impressed as we’ve heard it quoted eloquently, and haven’t all our hearts melted as we’ve heard little children mispronounce those words in sweet little voices?

“For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever” (Matthew 6:13b).

But did you ever stop to truly consider these words?

Thine is the kingdom.

This kingdom of God is not a democracy. It’s a monarchy and I’m not the monarch. Jesus Christ is King of everything, but especially this spiritual kingdom to which we belong. He is more than just King of everything. Each day, I must make Him King of me. He must be King of my desires, my expectations, all my hopes and dreams.

I make You King again today, Lord, for that is Your proper place in my life. I’m sorry for taking this position back so frequently. Please help me to make You King every day. This is a kingdom and it belongs to You. You are the King. Thine is the kingdom.

Thine is the power.

Lord, all power in heaven and earth belongs to You. I don’t fear the power of Satan as long as I’m diligently submitted to You, because I know any power he may have has been strategically delegated to him by You and for Your purposes. (James 4:7, Job 1:8-12; 2:3-6, Jude 9).

I don’t seek power – it all belongs to God. I’m content seeking Him and allowing Him to distribute any power through my life that He chooses (Matthew 28:18).

I seek no power of my own for Thine is the power!

Thine is the glory.

Just like the moon simply reflects the light of the sun, I don’t seek to shine, but to simply reflect the light of Jesus to those around me. I do not seek to garner acclaim or prominence. I do not seek credit or accolades.

Lucifer made the grave mistake of focusing on his own brightness. (Ezekiel 28:13-17, Isaiah 14:12-15). God doesn’t share His glory with me. (Isaiah 42:8) Thine is the glory.


I’m not waiting for my turn.

God, the kingdom is always going to belong to You. The power is always going to belong to You. The glory is always going to be Yours.

Though You’ve graciously designed for us to share in this glory some day in heaven, I don’t seek after it now. I seek You – Forever.


Reprinted from Ladies Prayer International newsletter.

Dionna Dibble is the wife of Thomas Dibble, who pastors Calvary Life Center in Waterbury, Connecticut. Though life has brought many wonderful experiences her way as a missionary daughter and pastor's wife, Dionna's greatest joy is to observe their four children as each one grows and develops in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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