“The grass withers and the flowers fade,

    but the word of our God stands forever”

Isaiah 40:8

My oldest daughter had an upset belly just this last weekend. She felt sick, and began to panic that she would be sick and I could not get her to calm down and think sensibly. The worst of it was over, but she was still anxious and afraid.

I tried everything I knew to do as a Mom. I sat with her and held her close. We prayed together numerous times. I told her everything would be okay, but she still was panicked.

I finally got up from the bed and got my bible from my nightstand. I’m ashamed to say it took me so long to realize that reading her the word of God would help steady her. Why was this a last resort? Yes, it was only an upset tummy, but to her it was a huge deal and she needed something bigger than her to help her. Or rather, she needed SOMEONE bigger than her.

I began reading various Psalms, beginning with Psalms 23. I kept reading until her whimpers grew quiet and her eyes became heavy. After a few minutes she was sleepy and confident enough that I could leave her bed, and she could sleep.

In life most of us usually face things bigger than upset tummies, but reading and applying the word of God will still have the same affect. Regardless of what you are battling against right now, the word of God WILL steady you, calm you, direct you and comfort you.

It will give you wisdom and understanding.

It will increase your faith.

It will cause unclear situations to become clear.

There is power in the word!

God, I’m thankful for your word today. Help me to not only read it, but apply it and live it.

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