“For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.” Psalm 50:10


How does God teach us to trust?  By allowing us to go through circumstances where we must rely on Him.  When I look back on my childhood, I think we were probably one of the poorer families in our community.  Because we lived on a farm, I cannot remember ever going without food.  When I was a young teenager, my father sold the farm and went into the ministry.  I can remember him saying “My father owns the cattle on the thousand hills, and it would be no problem for Him to kill one to provide our needs.” I could relate many examples of how God came though with what was needed.


When the directions were given a few weeks ago, that there were to be no more public gatherings, I felt the Lord wanted me to pray for our churches, especially smaller ones who struggled to stay afloat even in good times.  I feared that giving would slack off since people would no longer be gathering on Sunday.


Recently I have spoken to several different people and they are all telling the same story.  The Lord has been providing finances and their churches are receiving what they need.  People are giving who did not give before.  The Lord knew long before we did that this time would come, and so he made a way that people could give electronically.  Isn’t God good? Nothing takes Him by surprise, and He prepares a way even before we need it.


I do not know your circumstances today because of this pandemic.  Maybe you have lost your job or been temporarily laid off and you are struggling to put food on the table for your children.  Maybe you have lost a loved one to this virus and because of the situation, you cannot even grieve properly. Maybe you have a family member in a seniors home, and you are unable to visit them. Whatever your situation, let this be a time when you learn to trust God in a new way.


Maybe you are not in any financial need currently.  As God has blessed you, keep giving to Him and to the work of the Lord.  In prayer, ask the Lord to show you someone who is in need, and trust Him to take what you can give and multiply it so that others are blessed.  You cannot out give the Lord. We have heard people tell about how they gave ten dollars and God gave them back a hundred, but we do not give for that reason.  Remember, God does not always repay in kind, but He pours out spiritual blessings upon us that are of far more value than money.

Just trust Him to guide you as to who you can help and know that if He lays a need on your heart, He will bless you for obeying His voice.


So, I have been asking the Lord to help me to trust Him more than I ever have before, and to step out in faith, believing that He will always meet my needs.


Prayer:  Jesus, all that we have comes from you, help us to trust you completely, and use us to be a blessing to others.


Devotion by Anne Johnston


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