Isaiah 46:5 MSG

“So to whom will you compare me, the Incomparable? Can you picture me without reducing me?”

We all have lived life differently and have unique experiences that are individual to us. I have gone through different seasons of life that perhaps you have never experienced, and vice versa. God is constant and unchanging, but I have experienced Him in my own special way, and the same applies to you.

I know how God has provided for me over the course of my life, every time He healed me and His unending faithfulness and love. I look back over my life and see how He was time and time again, good and just. I know you can recall times where God has miraculously made a way where there definitely was no way. So in my mind, I have a certain perception of God, as I imagine you do as well.

But my mind is only able to comprehend very little of His greatness and majesty, and so when I try and picture Him, I am automatically (not purposefully) going to reduce Him. I so wish that I could fully grasp and appreciate all of His splendor, His might and His power, but our knowledge as humans is limited.

This doesn’t mean that we should use that as an excuse to give up trying to learn more and draw closer to Him, because we are called to do the exact opposite of that. The bible is filled with the theme of “seek and you will find.” (Matthew 7:7) What you pursue, you will eventually find, and I so desire to understand all that I can about God. I want to experience and witness miracles, signs and wonders.

Do you live your life prioritizing the Incomparable God and His kingdom? Do you live a life that is always in pursuit of more? More of God, more of His word, and more of His presence? Let’s take some time today to wade a little deeper in spiritual waters.

Prayer: God, today I am chasing after You. Reveal more of Your character to me through Your word and presence. Help me to live a life that is in awe of all that You are, and help me to be diligent in my pursuit of You.



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