When the disciples crossed over to the other side of the lake, they forgot to take any bread. Jesus said to them, “Take care; be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” They started discussing among themselves, “He says this because we didn’t bring any bread.” (Matthew 16:5-7, GNT)

I once went on a bread making spree.  I was convinced that I could bake and sell enough bread to go on a missions trip.  Little did I know, the bread business requires way more work than I had ever intended on putting in. While on my bread-baking-frenzy, I learned very quickly that the type of yeast you use is crucial in the quality of the bread.  Bad yeast will not rise – no matter how great of a baker you are. If you want to see quality results, you must use quality ingredients.

We must be careful not to allow bad yeast to slip its way into our lives.  If we want to see a great harvest we have to be on guard against things that may hinder what the Lord wants to do.  Our time is too valuable to waste! I want God to use us and I want Him to multiply our efforts by thousands.  He can only do that if we keep out the bad and embrace the good. Let’s work together to do incredible things.

Prayer: Keep us mindful of the things that may hinder what you want us to do for your kingdom.  Amen!

Devotional by Melinda Keays


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