Leviticus 22:31 MSG

“Do what I tell you; live what I tell you. I am God.”

Brown Book Page

I’ve always considered myself to be a great listener, but I now realize that I was merely hearing what was being said, and not sincerely listening. There is a profound difference between the two, one is habit, the other is intentional. Hearing requires very little effort on our part, but listening forces us to get over ourselves and to focus on others.

I believe that God speaks to us through His word, it is inspired and is our road map for life. But in my daily bible reading, it’s too easy to skim and to not absorb any of it. I’m hearing what it’s saying, but sometimes I’m not attentively listening to the voice that calls me to go deeper.

If we take the time to consciously listen to what His Word is speaking to us, we will recognize that we are being called to live it out. Reading is fantastic (I’m a huge book worm) but if I don’t properly apply it to my life to better myself and to follow His plan, I’m not doing it right. The Word is alive, always in motion and we should moving in that same direction.

Seek after knowledge and understanding, but also pray that God will help you to hear what He is speaking to you. The scripture you just read scrolling through social media is perhaps a little reminder of His goodness. The verses preached during Sunday’s sermon are going to sustain you this week. Your chapters assigned in today’s bible reading app are filled with power and grace. Grab ahold of His word today, it is alive and can speak to you right where you are, then live it out!

God, help me to hear and recognize Your voice today. Speak to me through Your Word, and to then live it out so that I may lead others to You.


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