“But you, the Lord God, are kind and merciful. You don’t easily get angry, and your love can always be trusted.”

Psalms 86:15 CEV

There are many times when those around us, hurt us. Moments of betrayal, abandonment and unkind words that can break our hearts, and cause us to have some trust issues.

I’ve been hurt before, and I’m sure it will happen again. A reminder I can carry with me in those moments is the above scripture.

God’s love can be trusted.

He is for you, and never against you. If it appears as though something is being withheld from you, it’s only because He has something so much greater and better in store.

Even if those closest to you walk away from you, God never will. His love for you is genuinely unconditional, and never ending. You are loved and cherished, and always will  be.

One thing I often tell my daughters is that there will never be a day in their lives that they will not be loved. The same applies to you. I know it can be difficult to believe that, especially when we are hurting and suffering, but God will always love you.

God, I am so thankful that You are for me, and will love me always. Even in my weakness and failures, You love me. I love you God, and I thank You for Your kindness and mercy toward me.

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