“You are the only God ever seen or heard of who works miracles for his followers. You help all who gladly obey and do what you want, but sin makes you angry. Only by your help can we ever be saved.”

Isaiah 64:4-5 CEV

Have you been praying about a need for what feels like forever, and are still waiting for the miracle to happen? Do you need healing, restoration, a financial blessing or a family member to be saved?

If you answered yes, then you are in the right place. Our God is the only God that can perform miracles that are humanly impossible.

He’s the only one who can heal your body that is ravaged with disease.

He’s the only one who can pay the bills when there just isn’t enough money.

He’s the only one who can reach down and soften the heart of your struggling family member.

He’s the only one who can find what is lost.

Your God can do miracles today! Face today with expectation in your heart, and believe that He is working it all out and your miracle is on it’s way.

God, I’m thankful that You alone perform wonders that I can’t understand. You are so Great and Mighty and I know that You are working all things out for my good.

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