Although you have never seen Christ, you love him. You don’t see him now, but you believe in him. You are extremely happy with joy and praise that can hardly be expressed in words as you obtain the salvation that is the goal of your faith. (1 Peter 1:8-9, GWT)

There is nothing quite as comforting as an old friend.  The kind of friend who has seen you through your ugly duckling phase and still finds a place in their heart to love you.  Though we do not always get to see our old friends, the connection that we hold with them is lifelong and cannot really ever be disconnected.

I like to think of the Lord as my oldest, truest friend.  Always there, always caring and continuously looking out for what is in my best interest.  Even if we stumble and forget to give Him our best for a few days, he is still so gracious toward us! That is what I call the best friend I could ever ask for.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for being my best friend.  I love you for loving me and I am so grateful for the salvation that I have in you.  In Jesus name, amen.

Devotional by Melinda Keays


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