“He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly.  Amen.  Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” 

Revelation 22:20 (KJV)

I was invited to go to Moore Elementary School with a 5th grader, Nasir Drake, and be his grandmother for the day.  His grandparents are deceased.  Nasir never knew what life is about with grandparents.

As we were listening to the children singing Christmas carols, I begin to think about how quickly things in life change.  As children, we all had fantasies about Christmas.  Lists were made and given to adults who did their best to fulfill our wishes.

Now, years later, as adults, our value system has changed, and we realize how important peace is.  We hold tight to the wonderful friends God has placed in our lives and we cherish them.

The last song they sang especially spoke to this “MiMi’s” heart.  I realize that time is winding down and in that auditorium sat grandparents who were concerned with their grandchildren and what the future would hold for them.

Our devotional verse today is the next to the last verse in the Bible.  How fitting this time of year to focus on His second coming.  It is the wish and desire of believers who are longing for His return.  When He comes back, He will right every wrong.  Come Lord Jesus, come quickly we pray!

These are the words of the chorus the children sang and it is my prayer for our world:

No more lives torn apart
Then wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts.
And everyone would have a friend,
And right would always win,
And love would never end.
This is my grown-up Christmas list.

Prayer:  I wasn’t present at Your first coming, Lord,  but I am anxiously awaiting Your coming again!  The signs of the time are everywhere.  It can’t be long now!

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