This morning the unthinkable happened. Our coffee pot decided no coffee for you, not today. Someone went out for coffee while another struggled with the coffee pot. After discussion with my husband, he suggested to use the pour over method. Great idea! But, after going through 4 filters that kept bursting through the bottom, hopes of a cup of coffee were diminishing.

Then a thought came to me. Take the exuberant, bubbly, hot water that seemed too much for the pour over filters and pour it through the coffee pot filters. The coffee pot just needs water to be able to go through the coffee grinds. It appears the water line had build-up in it. Kevin had just recently cleaned it out but the obstruction did not get removed. 

As I wrestled to get a cup of coffee this morning, I thought about prayer and how sometimes we have to wrestle to get beyond the obstruction – the obstacles we face daily. Sometimes we’re prepared and ready to pray and other times we get stuck. Our prayers just don’t flow. We struggle and struggle until we give up or take the path of least resistance. 

Other times we are determined to press through until…until what? Our Bishop used to say “How do you know you’ve prayed long enough? When you don’t want to stop praying.” There’s much truth in that statement. Pray until something happens. Pray until something changes. Most often it’s me that changes. 

How do you know you’ve prayed long enough? When you don’t want to stop praying.”

Linda Brown

If I had given up on the cup of coffee I was so looking forward to it never would have come to fruition. The storms of life, the turbulence around us may not cease, but we must not give up. We just keep pressing. 

At times our prayer flow may be blocked with debris (the cares of life) but the cares within can be eliminated through prayer, if we’ll just persist.

Linda Brown

James says it best, “The fervent effectual prayers of a righteous man availeth much” (James 5:16). Keep pressing. God always makes a way. Make it a great day!

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  1. Irene Patterson

    Thank you! Just what I needed this morning. Thirst after His Presence more than anything else!