“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Psalm 1:23

I was meditating on this verse a few days ago during my morning devotions and decided to break it down word for word.  I came up with the following:



  • The — definite article
  • LORD — The supreme ruler of the universe, the Mighty God, creator of all things
  • Is – not can be or could be; not has been or will be – but is now in this very moment
  • My – personal; not just a universal presence, but mine alone
  • Shepherd – my leader, my guide, my comforter, one I can rely on
  • I – personal again
  • Shall – very emphatic word; no doubt about it
  • Not – no question about it
  • Want – every need is supplied.

The Psalm goes on to describe how my shepherd looks after me.  He leadeth me beside still waters, in peaceful places.  He makes me to lie down in green pastures, feeding me daily.  He daily restores my soul.  Even when I may go through dark valleys He is always there, using His rod and staff to direct and keep me from harm. Though enemies may surround me, He is with me every day.  His anointing oil is upon me, filling me and overflowing to others.  He will be with me all my days, and one day I will go to spend eternity, forever in His presence.

How wonderful it is to be considered one of His sheep, that He loves and cares for.

Prayer:  Thank you Jesus that you are the shepherd and we are the sheep of your pasture.  May we ever praise and thank you for this great privilege.

Devotion by Anne Johnston


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